Special Needs for Small Business

The needs of small business are very different from those of major corporations. They lack the broad personnel base from which to draw the various skills needed to build, support, and grow the business. Those of us who work in small business often have to wear many hats, or learn “on the fly” when new challenges arise.

Family businesses (and many small businesses can feel quite like a family when you’ve been there a while) face additional challenges. These arise from the existing relationships and dynamics that have evolved in the family context, and that inevitably carry over into the workplace. How do you develop policies and procedures that treat family members and non-family employees fairly? Will the business operate smoothly when family conflict arises? What happens when a family emergency – or a vacation – arises, and numerous people will be out at once? How do you handle a death in the family?

Because of these challenges and more, family businesses that stay in the family beyond three generations are rare. Small businesses generally often cease to exist when the founder or original owner retires. How can you arrange your business to work smoothly when you’re not in the office? Will your business support you in retirement, either by selling it, or continuing to operate and generate income? Will you be able to get the most value from your business by winding it down?

Building Blocks

I can help you address your small and family business needs from cradle to grave, with services including:

  • Formation and Registration of LLCs and Corporations
  • Operating Agreements
  • Policy & Procedure Development & Review
  • Succession Planning
  • Contracts & Contract Disputes
  • Asset Sales
  • Registered Agent Services

And – I can help you do this cost-effectively, because I recognize that small business resources are precious.