The following rate information is provided as a reference, and reflects the fees charged under most circumstances. These rates do not constitute a contract for services; all fees—and in particular, hourly fees—may be adjusted in response to your circumstances to reflect the particular complexity of your matter, the urgency of your need (including whether it requires that we reschedule other matters), and the need to bring additional resources on-board to address your issues. Attorneys and established clients may receive courtesy discounts. Your rate(s) will be established and agreed upon in a written Fee Agreement before work commences.

Rates Generally

Hourly Rate for Legal Services:
Consultation, Document Review, Litigation, etc.
Title Search, Title Opinion Letters$150/hr.
Paralegal Work (Base)$75/hr.
Clerical / Administrative Work$50/hr.
Initial Consultation for Landlord/Tenant Matters, Small Claims Court ($50 min.)$100/hr.

To better understand how I implement hourly billing, see my blog post here.

Estate Planning & Elder Law

Basic Estate Planning Package
(one person, no tax planning or trust work)
Basic Estate Planning Package
(married couple or domestic partners, no tax planning or trust work)
Simple Will$500
Health Care Power of Attorney
includes Living Will (“Declaration of Desire for A Natural Death”)
General and Durable Power of Attorney$125
Codicils (where appropriate)from $350

Other Documents and Flat-Fee Services

Power of Attorney1$125
Legal Name Change (other than in divorce)2$475
Uncontested Divorce (no minor children; no equitable distribution)$375

Preparation of documents and other flat fee services as quoted are for legal and administrative services, and do not include filing fees charged by the Clerk of Court, Register of Deeds, or other City, County, State or other agencies.

Billing Policies (Summary)

  • Estate planning fees are deposited to the trust account at engagement (50% earned on presentation of drafts and 50% on the earlier of execution or 28 days after presentation of drafts). Fees for documents to be executed elsewhere are deemed earned on presentation of drafts.
  • Most hourly work will require payment of a retainer deposit to trust before work commences.
  • Travel within Forsyth County is generally complimentary. Travel to other destinations is billed at the prevailing IRS rate, or $0.50/mile, whichever is greater. Depending on the nature of the matter, travel charges to adjacent counties may be waived.
  • Cash, Check, MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express cards accepted.
  • See the Billing Policies & Procedures document for more information on attorney billing.