Please note that I do not maintain regular office hours, so appointments are necessary.

In addition to this, I am not only an attorney; I am also a school teacher, so I am unavailable during much of the time we often refer to as “business hours.” This also means that, for the purpose of trials and the like, I am generally unable to appear in court, though I can take care of matters at the courthouse in the afternoon.

The benefit to you is that I am available for house calls, and appointments in the evening and on weekends.

Reserve A Block of Time for Yourself!

You can make an appointment by reserving a block directly into the attorney’s calendar using the controls below. You will receive confirmation of the appointment, reminders, and directions electronically.


I recognize that it can often be difficult for a couple – or even a busy individual – to arrange and coordinate getting to the office in the middle of the day. Work, kids, hobbies, commuting, daycare, contractors … All sorts of things can complicate it. Especially now, with stay-at-home restrictions, work-at-home arrangements, home schooling, and the many complexities of this New Reality. ‡

For these reasons – and your reasons, whatever they are – I offer after-hours appointments and appointments on weekends for your convenience. I don’t charge more for these time slots if you schedule them in advance.

I’m Not A Banker…

…so I don’t feel compelled to keep “bankers’ hours.” And you probably don’t, either. Life extends outside the box of a rigid 9-to-5 schedule. For that reason, in addition to scheduling around your day-to-day obligations, I also offer home visits, or visits at a location of your choosing (such as a library, a coffee shop*, or your office, if that’s convenient for you). When necessary, I routinely visit clients at the hospital, convalescent home, rehab center, or hospice care facility. (Depending on the location and the timing, house calls may incur a charge for travel time.)

When scheduling after-hours, weekend, or “house call” consultations, you will be asked to pre-pay the initial consultation fee to minimize no-shows and wasted travel.


You can reserve a time block from 15 or 30 minutes for a phone, Skype, or in-person consultation; 60 minutes for a typical in-person general consultation; or 90 minutes for a typical estate planning consultation. As a consequence, please be aware that this means that I’m not necessarily sitting at my desk waiting for a call at all times; while I try to be as available as possible, I would ask that, should you reach my answering service, you leave enough information to allow me to be prepared when I return your call.

* The amount of privacy available at such locations will vary considerably, and you should take this into account when choosing a venue, based on the time of day and the nature of the subject you wish to discuss. If you choose to consult with me in a public place, you accept responsibility for the possibility that your privacy may be breached by others around you overhearing.

Regardless of when and where you choose to meet, I take all reasonable precautions for safety. I currently wear a face covering when meeting with clients in person. Shared meeting spaces are regularly disinfected. I wash my hands regularly, and sanitize before meeting. At this time – with no disrespect intended – I do not shake hands with clients.


If you wish to discuss an appointment without making a reservation, or if you have special needs in scheduling an appointment, please call the office at (336) 283-0284.